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Offering a debt collection service which is Faster, more Accurate and Professional 

Process Overwiev


Our collection rates are competitive and make collecting your accounts recievable, assets a very cost-effective investment. We work on a contingency basis:

no collection, no fee (T's&C's apply)


The client recieves money from the first installments made by the debtor and does not have to wait until expences and fees are paid up before they receive payment, resulting in improved cash flow.


Debts collected on behalf of clients are deposited into a trust account governed by the Council for Debt Collectors.


Our debt collection program is supported by our I.T systems and infrastructure and allows instant up to date debtor balances.


Your data is secure in our well-developed databases.


We have invested in software, specifically designed to meet client needs.


Regular communication with our clients ensures records are kept up to date at both parties.


Files for unemployes and missing people are kept open and we continually endevour to locate debtors. If a debtor is located at a later stage, and is employed, we proceed under the original mandate to collect outstanding debt.


We assist with the rehabilitation of debtors so that they return to the market as soon as possible, thereby keeping the market sound, active and healthy.


Complete monthly reconciliation reports consisting of a list of all payments recieved, are forwarded to clients via email, fax or by hand.


Debtors Credit record may be referred in terms of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 Regulation 17.